My Personal Experience with the Mobster Game - Slotfather

Bonus Software
$5000 Betsoft Play Game Here!

Game Info

  • Paylines:30
  • Progressive:NO
  • Jackpot:$5000

The Slotfather casino game is a five-reel, 30 line slot machine that is offered by Betsoft. Players can wager anywhere from $0.02 to $1 per coin and up to five coins per line, making the betting range for this game substantial.However, it is also available as one of many free casino games in some venues. The game itself has an obvious 'mobster' theme and features symbols like suitcases full of money, cigars, guns, the Underboss and the Slotfather himself. If the player successfully lines up Sammy Quickfingers next to a suitcase symbol on any of the first three lines, Sammy will reach into the suitcase and pull out a wad of money for an instant bonus win. When Frankie Da Fixer appears next to the Tommy gun on any of the first three lines, Frankie will grab the gun and shoot bullet holes in the screen. The player will be asked to choose one of these bullet holes which hide the number of free spins as well as the multiplier that the player will receive on each one.

I almost decided not to publish this free game because I really didn't enjoy it, but that's just my opinion. Maybe you'll enjoy it more. It's here for free and no registration or download is needed. When I played, I could barely get through 10 spins before I had to move on to another slot from Betsoft. I didn't land on any bonus rounds or free spins, which left me feeling bored and unstimulated. I would have expected more action in the game theme as well. The graphics were ok, but nothing out of the ordinary. Please leave your feedback by commenting or rating this game.