Doggy Reel Bingo for Free Play

Bonus Software
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Game Info

  • Paylines:1
  • Progressive:NO
  • Jackpot:$500

Doggy Reel Bingo, available for free play, has one of the more interesting themes for slots out on the Internet - fruit! It is nevertheless a pastime that many Canadian gamblers will find enjoyable. It features 3 reels as well as several bonus features to make gameplay more interesting.

The first extra is the bonus trail, which is easy to notice; there are 8 bingo balls lying around beneath the reels. Reaching the 8th one by hitting relevant symbols triggers one of 8 events. These events are filled with great prizes, including: winning random multipliers, a game of bingo that can net an extra 3000X, up to 15 nudges, the ability to pause reels for a guaranteed win, and a few others.

Another hidden extra included in Doggy Reel Bingo is the Reel Bonus game, which is activated upon landing on a symbol that indicates the bonus. When this happens, the window at the top of the screen cycles through 4 options. Stop the spin to collect the corresponding prize. The prizes are: boost (adds a random amount to your bonus trail), skillshot (lights will flash along the trail and stop when the stop button is hit; try to aim for the 8th!), stoppa (similar to skillshot, but without a predictable order), and selector (similar to stoppa, but with groups of lights instead of one single).

All of these features, nudges, and promotions make for a surprisingly fun fruit machine. The primary objective to make the most money is to complete the trail, but the actual machine holds plenty of opportunity. For this reason, the nudges that are randomly awarded or found in the extras, are very important. Like their name suggests, they can be used to adjust spins ever so slightly to make winning combinations and trail boosts significantly easier to reach. A good amount of planning and forethought should go into a machine like this, but either way, it is a fun and hopefully lucrative experience that most will enjoy. Those who enjoy simple machines, as well as the more hardcore slots players will find something to like in this fun, fruit filled pastime.